The Network-to-Network, Gulf of Mexico (N2N GoM) workshop is sponsored by the U.S.National Science Foundation (NSF) and by Mexico’s Secretaría de Investigación, Innovación y Educación Superior (SIIES) from the State of Yucatan. The workshop is an international initiative to use the power of networks (defined as a structured group of entities, individuals, societies, companies, agencies or institutions, actively working together towards a common goal or vision) to comprehensively address the economic, environmental and social risks facing the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding coastal communities caused by climate variability. As a first step, N2N is engaging the approximately 200 existing GOM networks to find solutions to the most critical climate variability, community resilience and adaptive capacity challenges that cross sectors andgeographic boundaries in the GOM through an online survey. Representatives from a subset of those networks have been invited to this workshop to identify shared priorities and strategies to leverage resources.

This works aims to develop binational and multi-sectoral prioritized challenges and possible solutions, increased knowledge, and engagement with other GOM networks. An additional parallel outcome will be development of N2N as a model for advancing convergent science to identify short to long-term interdisciplinary solutions that strengthen resilience and adaptation, and foster economic development and welfare in the GOM region, and beyond, to other world regions where changes in the GOM‘s ecosystem may have economic, environmental and social consequences.