Mission: To establish a network-to-network of academia, policymakers, private, and civil society entities to foster the generation of transformational knowledge and address complex problems and codesign solutions by strengthening multilateral collaboration, supporting evidence-based decision-making, and promoting a productive, resilient, and sustainable Gulf of Mexico socio-ecological system.

Vision: To become a leader in developing long-term and transdisciplinary transformative knowledge-generating systems through network-to-network cooperation.

Our goals to secure the sustainability of the Gulf of Mexico are:

The Network to Network for the Gulf of Mexico (N2N-GoM) is a platform to bring together all networks that exist around the GoM, across market sectors, and across academic, industrial, government, and community-based organizations.

Through the use of a risk framework N2N-GoM provides the means to align all networks and stakeholders in the Gulf of Mexico through shared priorities. The proposed milestones include:

  • Advance solutions to the impact of climate forcing based on an integrated system of regional risk awareness and risk assessment for the GoM and surrounding natural and human ecosystems.
  • Identify existing data baselines and the critical variables needed to measure climate impacts on physical, chemical, biological and social systems, including spatial and temporal gaps.
  • Understand the physical, biological, and ecosystem changes in the context of human capacity to address climate impacts, from the community to international scale.
  • Identify shared scientific research priorities and opportunities for leveraging resources including data, models, infrastructure, concepts, etc.
  • Develop a framework of existing scientific rationale addressing natural and anthropogenic threats (e.g. climate forcing) aligned to its social, economic and environmental impacts.
  • Identify research priorities and recommendations for coordination/collaborations between states and countries, and between academic, market sectors and government agencies that address societal requirements.

N2N-GoM Structure