The Community Resilience Team (CRT) is devoted to describing the interconnected network of systems that directly affect human society at a grassroots community level, including the socioeconomic, ecological, and built environments. In its broadest application, resilience describes how well a community is able to adapt positively when faced with extreme events, adversity, and cope with abnormal or unexpected threats without changing beyond recognition.

IRT Outcomes

  • Provide connectivity to leverage within and across sectors
  • Identify potential collaborators/funding opportunities
  • Bring existing and new:
    • Evidence
      • Data from Observations
      • Model Predictions
      • Expert’s Knowledge
    • Operational knowledge and infrastructure
    • Building capacity
      • Research
      • Academic
      • Service
      • Entrepreneurship
  • Develop an integrated risk framework to develop a decadal agenda

IRT Leads

Dr. Becky Allee
Senior Scientist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Lead, N2N-GoM Community Resilience IRT

Dr. Evelia Rivera Arriaga
Professor, Campeche Autonomous University (UACAM)
Co-Lead, N2N-GoM Community Resilience IRT